Completely new conveyor drive station B=1600, E3 was put into operation in MB “Kolubara“ on the open pit mine “Field G” in June 2021.

The time availability test (14×24 hour of continuous work) was successfully performed with an achieved availability of 99.95%, without a single failure of electrical equipment.

“IT Inženjering” in partnership with “Siemens” Beograd as a subcontractor of company “Energotehnika Južna Bačka” Novi Sad realized next activities:

  • detailed design,
  • documentation for construction,
  • supply and assembling of electrical equipment,
  • application software for PLC and HMI,
  • testing, commissioning and trial operation and
  • as built documentation

Revitalization of belt conveyor drive station with new frequency converters (SINAMICS S120 4x1000kW) was finished in MB “Kolubara” in June

  1. This drive station is a part of the ECS-1 (Excavator – Conveyor – Spreader) system 1 in open pit mine „Tamnava West

“IT Inženjering” Beograd as a subcontractor of “Siemens” Beograd realized next activities:

  • documentation for construction,
  • assembling of electrical equipment in new cabinets,
  • modification of existing cabinets on machine,
  • on-site supervision,
  • changes of PLC and HMI software on machine,
  • software changes in operation control centre (OCC) “Tamnava West”,
  • commissioning and trial operation and
  • as-built documentation