“IT Inženjering” Beograd, in the consortium with company “Siemens” Belgrade realized the supply and installation of communication equipment for optical network for BTD system and Control Center of Coal Systems at Mining Basin “Tamnava West”. The following was realized:

  • Generating detailed design
  • Supply and installation of equipment into communication and control cabinets
  • Supply and installation of equipment inside electrical containers in the mine
  • On-site supervision of equipment installation
  • Installation of equipment in Control Center
  • Upgrade of PLC software of machines to the latest version of Siemens TIA portal software
  • Correction of existing machine control software
  • Development of PLC control software for the entire BTD system in Control Center

Finishing this project, End User gained control center with state-of-the-art Siemens equipment, from which he can monitor all machines in the mine, as well as remotely supervise one tailings (BTO) and four coal (BTD) systems.

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