On 31/01/2020 reconstructed excavator dragline ESH6/45 – ESH4 was put into operation – In MB “Kolubara“ on the open pit “Tamnava West Field“. Therefore, “IT Inženjering” Beograd has completed the third dragline with entirely modernized electrical equipment based on the newest Siemens equipment SINAMICS S120 and SIMATIC.

On 18/12/2019 –  reconstructed belt conveyor B1600 – SU7 (nominal power 4x400kW) was put into operation in MB “Kolubara“ on the open pit  “Field G“.

On 20/07/2019 – The company “Univerzum ciglana” from Arandjelovac, a leader in the field of of brick products on the Serbian market, officially put into operation a modernized brickyard production plant in Indjija. During the previous eight months, the entire production line was modernized, the capacity was increased and the assortment of this factory was […]

In MB „KOLUBARA“ on the open pit  „Field G“  reconstructed belt conveyor B1600 – V2 (nominal power 4x400kW) has started trial operation. “IT ENGINEERING“ Belgrade in the consortium with company Energotehnika – Južna Bačka Novi Sad realized the complete project of reconstruction of electrical equipment.

“IT Inženjering” Beograd, in the consortium with company “Siemens” Belgrade realized the supply and installation of communication equipment for optical network for BTD system and Control Center of Coal Systems at Mining Basin “Tamnava West”. The following was realized: Generating detailed design Supply and installation of equipment into communication and control cabinets Supply and installation […]

During November 2018, in Military Medial Academy in Belgrade, “IT Inženjering” Beograd replaced an old electric motor with new Siemens motor for variable pump. Additionaly, new frequency drive, produced by Danfoss, was implemented in the system. “IT Inženjering” Beograd realized supply, delivery, installation and parametrization of frequency drive and electric motor for the pump, as […]

The company SIEMENS Belgrade, Division of digital factories, process industry and drives (DF PD) has declared IT ENGINEERING as “Partner of the year with the highest growth in 2018“, at the regular annual meeting of partners of this division held on September 20th, 2018 in Belgrade. IT ENGINEERING has also been a partner of Division […]

On 23/05/2018 power supply and control system for air-conditioning and ventilating was put into operation in “COM-4T’s” data center. In this project, “IT Inženjering” Beograd completed the following Detailed design Delivery and integration of equipment Development of control software Commissioning of the system As-built documentation

On 05/04/2018 equipment for wastewater treatment plant was delivered to End User „Neoplanta Industrija Mesa“ Novi Sad. “IT Inženjering” Beograd integrated electrical equipment.